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Cathartic Endeavours

A project by: Sarah Dines



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This project received pledges on Sun 24 Nov 2019
An audio-visual exploration of grief and healing

a short summary

A woman embarks on a final elegiac voyage through her psyche, where she has long inhabited a curated trove of memories suspended in a limbo-like space. Throughout her journey; she reflects and interacts with sentimental artefacts and memories, and ponders whether she can muster the courage to triumph through the addictive nostalgia and make peace with her past, or remain in this space infinitely. 

Who we are 

We are a group of final year filmmaking student at Kingston School of Art;

Director- Evan Jones

Producer- Sarah Dines 

Writer- Patricia Craiciun 

Cinematographer- Michael Muwonge

Assistant Camera- Roman Ibragimov

Set Design- Zoe Small, Lena Lewis-king 

Editor- Emily-Rose 

our story 

Everyone has someone they miss; someone who left or was taken from them. Nostalgia is the tool we use to bypass time and space and exist in moments we wish were still real. Over the past two years I’ve lost four incredibly important people and I found myself repetitively mourning them through intentionally inducing nostalgia. Through objects, letters and songs I would ceremoniously reincarnate them in my mind and dwell in this ethereal space. It’s a beautiful space to be. But not to live. It’s lonely. Yearning is a universal emotion – but something we often go through in isolation. Traversing through a gossamer-like fluctuating space, our protagonist repetitively interacts with projections and objects evocative of her mourning. Overlaid is a sensitive, heartfelt elegy coming from her consciousness appealing and emoting while she comes to terms with saying goodbye. Creating the visual, sonic and written aspects of this film all with the same emotion and purpose will allow the idea and intended emotive effect to be translated seamlessly.

I want to make this film a beautiful and sensitive exploration of this act – allowing the audience a time to pause, reflect and join in this ceremonial act of missing. The film embodies this universal emotion in a personal journey – thus inspiring spectators to feel connection; knowing despite it being a lone journey, we all are on it. 

Where will the money go?

Through KUBacker the money we raise will go towards:

  • Actor fees and travel from Wales - £100
  • Props - £150
  • Catering for cast and crew - £50
  • Any additional money raised will go towards festival submissions 


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