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Completion Date: Sun 01 May 2022
Empowering Creators

our project

0xInfinity is a decentralized studio that helps artists and creators with innovative ideas, develop their own web3 projects without any costs and gives the community an opportunity to be early investors in the projects they believe in.

My story

I am a Kingston University alumni. I strongly believe in a decentralized future and blockchain technology will help us achieve it. During my research I found out there are many talented creators and artists out there with unique ideas and want to take advantage of the current NFT technology boom, but don't necessarily have the knowledge or resources to do so.

We want to help them bring their ideas to life while giving the community an opportunity to be a stakeholder in those projects and earn a % of revenue generated by the project. 

Donors will help us kickstart our business and will help up reach as many artists/creators as we can.

Where will the money go?

  • Website Development
  • Community Building
  • Marketing


  • Donors can reach out to me to receive a whitelist spot and be invited to an exclusive community on discord.

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  • You can also help up by sharing this project with any creators/ digital artists/ animators/ NFT enthusiasts you know!